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  • Ekobrew Universal Single Cup Brewer

    …preference in order to avoid waste. The machine will allow the user to also adjust the strength of the coffee if they prefer a light or stronger tasting coffee. The Ekobrew will achieve optimal extraction when used with Keurig single serve brewers and it includes a bonus reusable filter as well.

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    Sale Price: $159.99

  • Box of 100 Ekobrew Paper Filters

    Save time and serve more beverages with the reusable, biodegradable Ekobrew filters designed to use with Keurig brewing machine. These paper filters are easy to use an easy to clean up.


  • Ekobrew Brewer Cleaning Tablets

    Bring your Keurig back to its original glory with these Easy Drop-In cleaning tablets from Ekobrew. Simply drop one of the tablets in the reusable filter, insert it in your Keurig coffee machine and let the phosphate free cleaning tablets remove all oily residue and coffee grinds from the machine's…